Travel : From Jogja to Solo using Prameks Train (Backpacker Travel Guide)

Holla, my travel buddy from all around the world.

As travellers choose Jogjakarta as their destination caused of its culture and its "backpacker-friendly" city, i reccommend you to travel Solo cause it is only 1 hour trip if you choose train as ur transportation.

I love Solo shoooo much cause 1 year ago i had my intern at one place in Solo. 

what i love : 
1. A relaxing place for everyone (eventhooo the temperature is hawwwt)
2. Not as busy place as Jogja
3. Has so many culinairy place to go
4. Cheaaaappppppp PRICE is every backpackers' need
5. The people just sooo friendly
6. There are so many Batik shopping center to go (like Pasar Klewer)

what is PRAMEKS?

Well, Prameks is a short of Prambanan Ekspress. It has a short route, like Jogja-Solo, Jogja-Klaten, and if im not mistaken, Kutoarjo also one of its destination.

How much the price?

For me, Prameks is the best answer cause it would be faster than using car/motorcycle. And the price is only Rp 8.000/less than 1 US$

Note : you can only buy go-show ticket, no online booking service for this prameks train. 

For schedule and route you can access :

How is the train and its service?

As my experience, there are two type of train. First, it was similiar to business class train where one seat for two. Second, there was 'almost' similiar to MRT (ya eventho it is not as comfortable as SMRT) but quite comfort. Sometimes, in a peak hour, there will be so many people, so that feels fuggy hahahah. But really, it's okay.

No service like food seller. But still there are security and ticket checker.


 For more info, will be on my Youtube channel. If im not lazy on editing lmao :D

Anisa Nuha

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  1. jangan males ngedit, udah ngeblog masa males ngvlog cuy hahahaha *padahal gue sendiri begitu

    1. wkwkwk iyak mood mood an banget ngedit video tuh yaaaaa

  2. Wah ntr klo main ke sana mau coba pake prameks.. murah beuud

  3. Baru tau prameks .. nnti mau coba pake itu klo ksna hahah tyfi teh

    1. sami sami teh, beneran ya jangan lupa dicoba haha

  4. Baru tau dan baru denger juga. Thanks infonya teh

  5. prameks ? baru denger dan belum nyobain. ntar kalau kesana mau nyobaa ah, murah lagii

  6. Wuaaw very recomended train for me. It's like a answer for my bored time if i spent more time on Jogja. Tengkyuuuu for information sis

  7. informasi yang bermanfaat sekali nih, bisa dicoba kalau mau liburan

  8. One of my bucketlist!

    Udah lama ingin coba naik Prameks ke Solo. Pernah liat temen naik terus foto pas sepi gitu, seems like MRT but in Javanese version. 😂

  9. jadi kangen ngetrip, sekaligus nyobain prameks juga

  10. Only Rp.8000? Likeee.... seriously?

    1. im talking seriouslyyy... hahhaa. Go grabbbbb!!!