Inspire Me Through the Hills

before writing further, i'd like to say 'why should be english? why don't I explain by Bahasa to make every visitor understand my words easily? *eventho you know i haven't had any followers yet, but i believe, there are so many stalkers come in.
my english teacher, ms. Ina said in the middle of her explanation 'just be dare to write if u wanna make ur language better, I begin so, when I was young like you'
the suggestions always alarmed my self, to have a courage like her, and now - if just u read my aticle, ms, i wanna prove that I do what u said.
i regard her as my best english teacher ever, and I never meet her again, since she moved from my school.

Ok, let's begin the story

some of you may be wondering, what's happen with the tittle ?
i'd glad to answer the question i just made - by myself

i had been daydreaming all the time i sat on the seat - alone. No partner and someone whom i could share my story or experience to.
beyond daydreaming, i got so much inspiration and 'what can I do for this term of my studying'

i had been stucking in the comfortzone
i was a book nerd, more than know, learned so many subjects, had a big curiousities - that's why people always thnk that I was really really smart at that time.

but I'm not that I was at all
all change, and I wasn't.
Now, i wanna be what I was, and be more than I can do, I can see, I can  touch

I shall leave my comfort zone, to be new Anisa and will not listening to the people whispering 'Anisa is not anisa anymore, Anisa is change'

I really feel so disgusted when people compare me for anything unimportant,
'she's more beautiful than you' - 'she's more stylish than u'
and it's hurted when someone told 'she's better than you'

okay, critics will encourage, but you should inspire me, not moke me
everyone being the best verse of themself - u don't need to compare

we need a long process, a very magical ways - to be who really we are, to show who really we are
even you will love or hate
no perfection - all trying to be that, although often fail

Jogja, in my room, with mom's voice talking to my folks 

thanks for the railway, from Bandung to Jogja 
for a frehness nature, hollows, hills, mountains, spesifically at Garut 
and quiet atmosphere in Lodaya Pagi railway coach
thanks for everything 
and thanks for the one said 'goodbye, greeting for ur mom'
at station before I'm leaving !

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