Assalamualikum, Readers !

Say Hi,

                I think, there is no always late to say HELLO !

Hello, I’m Anisa Nur Hidayah, or I’d be glad to be called Anisa Nuha. I’m officially 19 yo, and I will stay in Bandung 9 exactly Jatinangor ( heheheheh, maksa banget Bandungnya) for about 4 years. You can judge me as a cheerful girl, in the first sight, but as long as you know me so well, you’ll judge me as an annoying friend ( TRUE )

                Purely I’m javanesse girl. My Father comes from Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta and My Mom comes from Klaten, Central Java.

                I’m the first princess in my family, which should be leader and inshaallah always there are much struggle to be that ( altho this is no’ easy, right? ). So this is my happy family,

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My father is a tough and hardworker man ever, Mr Sagiran Nata, my Queen is the best cheef ever, hehe Mrs Sri Purwanti, She is a Bachelor of Chemistry Education, so ma lil Sibling is Latifah Nur Mahmuda, my best enemy of watching movie hehe, now she still studying at Vocational School.

Le Cous J





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Le cous, they are Afida and Fitri, her voice of Qiroa is really really melted

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This picture was taken when I still 17 yo, mukaboros, right ? wkwkwk but I’m sure now I’m being younger than I was, hehe


Thank you so much, for being my hello today,






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